In case you couldn’t make the HASA meeting last night:

– The primary goal of HASA this year is building community! We want everyone to feel welcome at St. Rose and at the St. Rose events.

– October 3rd there will be a meeting for Room Parents to discuss responsibilities and communication expectations.

– Birthday celebrations for August and September will be next Thursday, August 28th. Parents of students with birthdays in these months will be contacted soon about bringing in healthy snacks and treats next week.

– HASA will be sending out the schedule for food sales in Tuesday folders and online. Each grade will be responsible for a food sale! 10% of the funds raised will go back into the classroom to help pay for an extra field trip or a social event, and 90% of the sales will go back to St. Rose to help fund scholarships and supplies. After each sale we will create a report that shows where the money you raised is going!

Thank you so much for those who attended, your students will be able to have free dress on Thursday, September 28th!

If you did not attend and would like to give St. Rose feedback (on how the school is communicating, on our events, suggestions or ideas for improvement) please do not hesitate to contact us through email, Facebook or by phone. We want to continue to grow and improve, and your feedback is vital for us to do that!

We hope to see you at our next meeting on October 15th.