“At St. Rose of Lima, our commitment to you is not to be a good Catholic school, but to be excellent because you and your children deserve it. We pursue excellence not to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world. We want to be truly worthy of our Catholic name.” 


A message from our proud principal, Mr. Moo.

Dear St. Rose Families,

May the peace and love of Christ be with you.
In October 2015, I shared with you that the Archdiocese of Denver had hosted a symposium on the future of Catholic schools in Denver. During the symposium, Archbishop Aquila and his staff engaged over 200 participants in a dialogue about the direction we want our Catholic Schools to take in coming years. A fruit of this discussion was the publishing of a vision document titled, Worth of the Name: A Vision for the Future of Denver’s Catholic Schools.

At St. Rose we are very excited about this document and the four areas of focus it has laid out for the renewal of our Catholic Schools. We are confident that this will benefit the future of St. Rose of Lima and ultimately enhance the Catholic educational experience your children will receive. In many ways over the last few years, we see that at St. Rose we have begun to take strong steps towards accomplishing the goals of the Archbishop’s vision for the renewal our Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Denver.

What is the ultimate purpose of all of this? To quote Archbishop Aquila and Superintendent Kijewski in their opening letter of this document, the purpose of this work is two things.

First of all this vision will:
“…help our school system become one of the best in the country, while remaining authentically Catholic, academically excellent, and financially strong.”

And most importantly, this vision will:
“…ensure our schools thrive and remain worthy of their Catholic name.”

At St. Rose of Lima, our commitment to you is not to be a good Catholic school, but to be excellent because you and your children deserve it. We continue to pursue excellence not to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world. We truly want to be worthy of our Catholic name.

The following are some key highlights of this document, which will serve as the goals for the future work at St. Rose of Lima.

Worthyofteh Name

Click here to access the full document.

 On Mission
 Catholic schools must be on mission to form intentional disciples of      Jesus Christ. This means our schools must be Catholic in every aspect,  they must equip, train, and form leaders, and they must have strong  disciple-teachers.

At St. Rose we see the formation of faithful disciples as one of the most important  aspects of our Catholic educational ministry. For us, this begins with our teachers.  Our greatest hope is that the faithful witness of our teachers and staff will inspire in our students a love for Jesus Christ, the Church, and the sacraments. Most importantly though, we hope our students will be impelled to make following Jesus, the highest priority of their lives so they may give witness to the world as faithful followers of Jesus.

Excellent in Every Way
Catholic schools must be excellent in every way. They must form authentic Catholic leaders, use new methods and innovations in their academic program, and effectively promote their mission.

At St. Rose the pursuit of excellence is what led us to our partnership with EL Education five years ago and it is what continues to drive our desire to be a model of authentic and faithful Catholic educational excellence. We continue to take steps to improve the rigor of our academic program, while also strengthening our Catholic scholarship. This means our teachers work to imbue Catholic thought and teaching into our school culture and curriculum. Furthermore, at St. Rose this means supporting our families and working as partners of our parents because you are the primary educators of your children.

Accessible to All
Catholic schools need to be accessible to all. They must serve and welcome new immigrant populations and grow Latino participation in parishes and school.

At. St. Rose, it is no secret that our Latino/ Hispanic community has been a critical part of our success as a Catholic school. Our beautiful Catholic cultural heritage has made St. Rose a rich and thriving family of faith. No matter how long a family has been in this country nor if they speak predominantly English or Spanish at home , our Latino/Hispanic community represents the future of the Catholic Church in the United States. St. Rose is a witness of how God is blessing and renewing the Catholic Church of the United States with the gifts of our Latino/Hispanic community. It is why St. Rose is dedicated to preparing our children to assume their place as the Catholic leaders of tomorrow.

Sustainable for the Future
Catholic schools must be sustainable for the future. They must have a viable business model, raise teacher salaries, and make tuition affordable for all.

St. Rose has been blessed with many generous people that have allowed us to keep our doors open and our mission alive. As we move towards the future, we will continue to implement a business model that allows us to be good stewards of our resources and to tend to our building’s needs. More importantly, we will continue to implement the best financial practices that will enable our services to you to get better. At St. Rose we also believe a Catholic Education should be available to everyone. It is why our commitment has been and always will be, to support you in making the gift of a Catholic education possible for your children.

As you can gather, there is a lot to be grateful for and a lot still left to do! However, trusting in God’s goodness we know that if we remain faithful to our Catholic mission, St. Rose will continue to accomplish many great things. Your continued support and partnership has made our Catholic community what it is today and will propel it to even greater heights. There is no doubt in my mind that God has only just begun His great work at St. Rose of Lima. May our Lord Jesus Christ find us ready and willing, now and always.

To read a complete version of Worthy of the Name, go to:

Sincerely in Christ,

Elias Signature


Elias J. Moo
Proud Principal
St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy