Alumni Spotlight:

Edgar Alejandro Jaquez, St. Rose Class of 2012
Sophomore, Regis University

“I believe my Catholic education at St. Rose helped to shape me into the student and person I am today”

High School Attended: Arrupe Jesuit High School

2012, St. Rose grad, Edgar Jaquez

2012, St. Rose grad, Edgar Jaquez

Scholarship and Awards: Regis-Arrupe Scholarship: Full ride scholarship covering all class costs for four years, Regis Achievement Award, St. John Francis Regis Award

Where are you at now?

“I am a fulltime student at Regis University, going into my Sophomore year after completing an excellent Freshman year, having achieved making the Dean’s list both semesters. I am also working part time as a teller for Wells Fargo.”


What would you like to pursue upon graduating from college?

“I am pursuing a business major in either Accounting or Finance. I am also double minoring in Spanish and Communications. Upon graduating from Regis, I want to explore job opportunities mirroring my major. I also hope to move up at Wells Fargo and put my skills to good use.”


How do you think your Catholic formation at St. Rose prepared you to be successful in high school, college, and beyond?  

I believe my Catholic education at St. Rose helped to shape me into the student and person I am today. I was happy attending St. Rose starting in 2nd grade, so much so, that I stayed until I graduated in 8th grade. Early on, I learned core values and beliefs on how to act as a human being. One of the values I learned at St. Rose was the golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. At St. Rose, I learned how to use that rule not only in a school environment, but also at home. I also discovered the great value of my Catholic faith. At St. Rose of Lima I received an education that prepared me for high school and beyond. I learned how to think critically and how to go beyond the classroom in order to learn. St. Rose offered me amazing resources in my teachers. The teachers I had were very caring, passionate for their work, and most importantly, very understanding of their students. I still use many of the core beliefs I developed at St. Rose as a college student today.”