At St. Rose of Lima we believe that we are not passengers, we are crew. 


“We men and women are all in the same boat, upon a story sea. We owe each other a tragic loyalty.”  This quote by G.K Chesterton beautifully captures the essence of our root belief that, we are crew.” Being a part of a ‘crew’ means we are not idle passengers as if on a cruise. Rather, every member of our community, every stakeholder has an important role to serve. But why do we owe each other a, “tragic loyalty?”    

As members of the St. Rose community, we work together and do our part within our respective roles to make sure St. Rose not only stays afloat, but thrives. In this ‘crew’ we have educators, parents, students, volunteers, and benefactors, all who are equally needed to successfully arrive at our destination as a school: the formation of excellent Catholic scholars and faithful followers of Jesus.

Our Staff Crew

Our dedicated staff.

Our generous volunteers and benefactors.

Our generous volunteers and benefactors.

Family and Students

Our committed families and students.