At St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy, our mission, beliefs, purpose, and vision are all born out of a deep desire to serve the Church in her duty to educate and,

“the responsibility of announcing the way of salvation of all men, of communicating the life of Christ to those who believe, and, in her unfailing solicitude, of assisting men to be able to come to the fullness of this life,” (Gravissimum Educationis #3). 

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Parents: Our greatest partners!

At the heart of our service to the Church as a Catholic school is the fundamental understanding that as parents you are the, “principal and primary educators of [your] children,” who have received, the responsibility and privilege of evangelizing [your] children,” (CCC #2225). We are taught our families are called to be domestic churches where children come to know and love God, grow in virtue and holiness, and discover their God given vocation. To them is given the great task of announcing the way of salvation.

We know we cannot replace you as the primary educators, for as the Church teaches, “The role of parents in education is of such importance that it is almost impossible to provide an adequate substitute,” (CCC #2221)Our mission as a Catholic school therefore, is to be an extension of your domestic church, partners with you and supports for you as the primary educators whose mission it is to form saints. It is our great privilege to serve the Church therefore, by serving your family and assisting you in the labor of forming excellent Catholic scholars and faithful followers of Jesus. 

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