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At St. Rose, we believe that we are always learning.” Our belief is inspired by the great artist Michelangelo, who at the dawn of his very accomplished life, wrote that he believed he still had so much more to learn. At the heart of our core values is the belief that every member of our crew is a learner and no matter how young or old you are, or how much education you might have, we all have much more to learn. Learning allows our minds and souls to be set free to discover what is true, beautiful, and good in the world. This is the essence of an excellent Catholic education and as we are reminded by St. John Paul II, “this transmits a comprehensive vision of life…that liberates students in the most profound meaning of human freedom,” (Address to US Bishops May 30, 1998). 

We know learning can occur when we practice good habits. We are all most successful when we develop and practice good habits. Good habits are not only essential for academic success, but practicing good habits is the hallmark of faithful discipleship.

Five Core Values

Habits of a Catholic Scholar & Disciple









We believe these five habits are essential for the growth and continued success of our St. Rose crew. We intentionally teach students, parents, and staff the meaning and significance of these five habits and imbue these values into every aspect of our work.

By showing solidaritywe learn how to love as Christ did:“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends,” (John 15:13).

By practicing accountabilitywe learn the value of good discipline and right order in our life.

By collaborating, we learn to work together for the advancement of the common good.

By practicing craftsmanship, we learn to produce work that is beautiful in conception and creation, and that transmits goodness to others.

By perseveringwe learn that grit and persistence will open the doors for greater opportunities to honor God.

Our Mission

Responding to Christ’s Call

Responding to Christ’s call to go and make disciples of all nations (Mt. 28:18),  our mission is to educate and inspire young men and women to love God, seek Truth, pursue excellence, and transform the world as excellent Catholic scholars and faithful disciples of Jesus.

Our Root Beliefs

We believe that…

We are disciples sent into the world.
We are not passengers, we are crew.
We are always learning.
We follow in the footsteps of a man who changed a few fishes and loaves into a meal for thousands.

Our Vision

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy’s vision is for all of our students to go to college and get to heaven. 

At St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy, our mission, beliefs, and vision are all born out of a deep desire to serve the Church in her duty to educate and,

“the responsibility of announcing the way of salvation of all men, of communicating the life of Christ to those who believe, and, in her unfailing solicitude, of assisting men to be able to come to the fullness of this life,” (Gravissimum Educationis #3). 

At the heart of our service to the Church as a Catholic school is the fundamental understanding that parents are the, “principal and primary educators of their children,” who have received, “the responsibility and privilege of evangelizing their children,” (CCC #2225). Families are called to be domestic churches where children come to know and love God, grow in virtue and holiness, and discover their God given vocation. They are given the great task of announcing the way of salvation.

We cannot replace the primary educators, for, “the role of parents in education is of such importance that it is almost impossible to provide an adequate substitute,” (CCC #2221). Our mission as a Catholic school, is to be an extension of the domestic church, partners with and support for the primary educators whose mission it is to form saints. It is our great privilege to serve the Church by serving the family and helping parents in the labor of forming excellent Catholic scholars and faithful followers of Jesus.

Our students are assessed on their performance of these habits and more importantly, students are provided opportunities to reflect on their practice of the habits and to identify areas for continued improvement. However,  the Habits of Catholic Scholar and Disciple are not only for students. As the core values of our community, our teachers and staff in a special way are expected to be exemplars in word, action, and deed, of the five habits.

At St. Rose we do not seek to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world. We believe our core values will enable every member in our community to practice habits that will enable them to respond adequately to the question, “How will I use my gifts to honor God in this world?”