Welcome to St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy!  For over 60 years St. Rose of Lima has been a beacon of excellence and hope for the southwest community of Denver, Colorado.  We are proud to serve 276 PreK thru 8th grade students as a part of the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools.

Founded in 1955 by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati,  we have continued their legacy of success in the formation of young men and women out of the belief that we are disciples sent into the world (John 17:18) to make God known, loved, and served.

As the first ever Catholic EL Education school in the United States (since 2010), and still only one of three in the country, we have implemented an authentic and rigorous Catholic formation, through which we equip students not only with academic prowess, but also the skills necessary to to transform the world as witnesses of Christ’s truth and love. To do so, we challenge our students through our learning experiences to think as disciples and see their role in this world not from the attractive limelight of the world, but through the light of Christ. Our most fervent desire is not for our students to ask themselves, “What greatness will I accomplish?” but rather, “How will I use my knowledge to glorify God in this world?”

In 2009, we were featured in a University of Notre Dame study titled, “To Nurture the Soul of a Nation.” In that study, St. Rose was held as a model of success in an urban educational environment. Since then, we have continued to build upon our success and now aim to be a model of Catholic educational excellence in the United States.