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At St. Rose of Lima we believe that we are not passengers,

We Are Crew

“We men and women are all in the same boat, upon a story sea. We owe each other a tragic loyalty.”  This quote by G.K Chesterton beautifully captures the essence of our root belief that, we are crew.” Being a part of a ‘crew’ means we are not idle passengers as if on a cruise. Rather, every member of our community, every stakeholder has an important role to serve. But why do we owe each other a, “tragic loyalty?”

As members of the St. Rose community, we work together and do our part within our respective roles to make sure St. Rose not only stays afloat, but thrives. In this ‘crew’ we have educators, parents, students, volunteers, and benefactors, all who are equally needed to successfully arrive at our destination as a school: the formation of excellent Catholic scholars and faithful followers of Jesus.

Following St. Paul’s call to, “live and move in Christ,” the St. Rose of Lima faculty and staff is committed to their vocation as Catholic educators. Their enthusiasm and energy for Catholic Education is complemented by a genuine love for our students. At. St. Rose, we know every child is capable of high achievement as scholars. Most importantly, we believe every child is a ‘saint-in-training.’

Highly qualified and trained in their profession, our teachers and staff use their broad range of backgrounds and experiences to better serve our students.The St. Rose faculty possesses a diversity of undergraduate and graduate degrees from all parts of the country. These men and women are committed to continuing their development as professional Catholic educators.

For one full day and one half day each month, faculty and staff members take part in professional development focused around student achievement and school culture goals.  The administration leads the professional development sessions. In these sessions, our faculty learns how to be more effective in the classroom, closing the achievement gap for our students, and collaborating to create a culture of high expectations in our school community. We take data-informed approaches that enable us to discuss the needs of our students in a way that maximizes their growth as scholars and their formation as faithful followers of Jesus.

Most importantly, the St. Rose of Lima staff is committed to growing in their personal love for Christ and in their knowledge of the Catholic faith. Our faculty engages in faith formation to grow as disciples of Jesus. They know that their greatest responsibility, more than to form academically competent young men and women, is to form saints for this life and the next.

Tricia Cárdenas


¡Hablo español!

Mack Neal

Assistant Principal

Esther Gutierrez

Administrative Assistant

Gabriela Garcia

Pre-K Director

Alexis Lopez

Pre-K Aide

¡Hablo español!

Lorena Ornelas

Pre-K Aide

Veronica Viezca

Daycare Director

Emily Gilbride

Emily Gilbride

Student Support & Advocacy

Karen Stanga

Student Support & Advocacy

Michelle Davis


Kate Kelly

1st Grade

Michelle Mohrman

2nd Grade

Mariela Polanco

3rd Grade

Ruth Ball

4th Grade

Tiffany Marsh

5th Grade

William Schear

6th Grade Homeroom, English Language Arts

Erin Pena

7th Grade Homeroom, Science

Caroline Zitnik

8th Grade Homeroom, History & Theology

Meryl Somera

Middle School Math

AnnaStasia Yoshida

AnnaStasia Yoshida

Music Teacher

Lynn Barboza Hughes

Art Teacher

Samantha Archuleta

Teacher Aide

Alma Flores

Teacher Aide

Emily Jenkins

Emily Jenkins

Teacher Aide

Garrett Shafer

Garrett Shafer

P.E. Teacher & Athletic Director

Dave Olivarez

Director of Food Services

303.733.5806 ext. 12

Adam Archuleta

Maintenance & Facilities

Rosalba Granillo

Kitchen Staff

Velia Perez

Kitchen Staff

Fr. Martin Frias


¡Hablo español!

Faculty Resources

Please click on the links below to access the desired resources.

IT Support Ticket Form (Must be signed in to your school email)
Personal Leave Request Form*For all full time and part time staff to request personal leave, long-term sick leave, and bereavement leave. Please consult the principal for more information. 

Statement of Non-Discrimination by Archdiocesan Schools:
Policy 6020, Revised August 2018 

All schools must publish their yearly statement affirming non-discriminatory policies regarding race, color,
and national or ethnic origin and sex (Title IX) in the treatment of students and the employment practices of the school. These statements are to be in accord with the Office of Catholic Schools’ statements of non-discrimination, which are given below and are to be reprinted in their entirety in all print and digital/electronic publications on an annual basis.

Assurance Statement of compliance with the purposes of Title IX Education Act
The Catholic schools of the Archdiocese, under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop, and at the direction of the
Superintendent, attest that none of the Catholic schools discriminates on the basis of sex in its admission
policies, its treatment of students or its employment practices.

Notice of Student Non-Discrimination Policy
The Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Denver, under the jurisdiction of Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila,
A.T.L. and at the direction of the Superintendent, state that all of their Catholic schools admit students of any
race, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded
or made available to students at the schools. Furthermore, Archdiocesan schools admit disabled students in
accord with the policy on Admissions in the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools Administrator’s Manual.
These schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, disability, color, and national or ethnic origin in
the administration of their educational policies, employment practices, scholarship and loan programs,
athletic or other school-administered programs.

A) Original copies of the two statements above and methods of publication are to be dated and
maintained in the administrative school file on a five (5) year retention schedule.
B) The signed Acknowledgment form (Appendix F1, Non-Discriminatory Guidelines
(Acknowledgment)) and copies of all requested materials are due to the Office of Catholic Schools by
the date announced each year.
C) The Archdiocese of Denver Accounting Office, working with information from the Office of Catholic
Schools, files the Annual Certification of Racial Nondiscrimination forms with the IRS.
D) All paperwork associated with the publication of the statements are to be available to government
and Archdiocesan personnel when/if requested.


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Esther Gutierrez

Administrative Assistant


Mrs. Tricia Cárdenas

Principal –  ¡Hablo español!